Join-Membership Application

You can do one of two things with this application:

1) Print the application and mail it to: Mercer County Farm Bureau, PO Box 40, Aledo, IL 61231

2) Print the application and fax it to: 309-582-5473

***Mail your application along with a check for your dues.
     - Voting member dues are $65 (You are a voting member if you have a gross farm income of $2,500 per year or more.)     
     - Associate member dues are $20. (You are an associate member if you have no farm income or a farm income under $2,500 per year.)

County Farm Bureau and Illinois Farm Bureau


QUALIFICATIONS ❑ Individual Farm Owner/Operator: ________Acres in _____________________County.

❑ Gross farm income $2,500 per year or more

❑ This is an individual membership ❑ This is an joint membership (requires both signatures and birthdates)

❑ Does not own or operate farm:

❑ Occupation: _________________________________________

Amount received from applicant $___________ Recommended by ______________________________

Date ______________________

Name (full) _________________________________ Spouse full name___________________________

Address (City State/Zip Code Township)


Home phone________________ cellular Phone_____________ email address_________________

Birthdate ____________________________ Spouse Birthdate____________________________

Our goal is to maintain an organization through which farm people and others can think, act, and work together to strengthen agriculture's role and influence as a vital part of a strong and prosperous economy in a free America. We work to better the conditions of those engaged in agriculture, improve the grade of agricultural products, and develop a higher degree of efficiency in the production of agricultural products.

I believe in and support these goals and purposes and seek to promote them by joining this county Farm Bureau.

I hereby apply for membership in ________ County Farm Bureau and the Illinois Agricultural Association. This application is for the membership year beginning ______________, 20___, and ending ______________, 20___, and from year to year thereafter, so long as the membership dues are paid in advance. Such membership is subject to the bylaws of these organizations. The membership dues of $_________* for the first membership year are paid herewith. I agree to pay membership dues in the total amount fixed in the bylaws of the county Farm Bureau and in the bylaws of the Illinois Agricultural Association for each succeeding membership year in advance so long as this agreement remains in effect.

I understand that $3.00 of my annual membership dues is for a year's subscription to the Illinois Agricultural Association's official publication as checked: (X) FarmWeek (designed for farm operators) or ( ) Partners. Also, $1of my annual membership dues is for a year's subscription to From the Ground Up, the official publication of my county Farm Bureau.

I understand that this application for membership is subject to acceptance by the county Farm Bureau board and the Illinois Agricultural Association. In the event this application is not accepted, the membership dues paid herewith shall be refunded. Further, the county Farm Bureau board has the authority to classify my membership in accordance with the bylaws of the county Farm Bureau and the Illinois Agricultural Association on the basis of the personal information contained in this application.

Either party may terminate this membership agreement as of the end of any membership year by notice in writing to the other party during the last 60 days of such year.
* Membership dues are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Signature of Applicant ___________________________________________________

Signature of Spouse ____________________________________________________