Mercer County Farmers Visit Chicago Classroom

Members of the Mercer County Farm Bureau visited a Southside Chicago classroom while they were in Chicago for the Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. Michael Zecher, Jay MacDonald, Ken Reinhardt, Kathy Reinhardt, and Kendra Anderson visited Miss Halisz’s 1st grade class at Bridgeport Catholic Academy.

The visit began with everyone introducing themselves and telling the students about their farms. The students then watched a short video that took the children on a tour of a beef farm. They then learned all about beef farms and the yummy things that come from beef. They also learned why beef is good for them. It gives them strong muscles!

The students were then shown a giant hamburger. The part of agriculture where each part of the hamburger comes from was then discussed. For example, the bun comes from wheat, the hamburger from beef, ketchup from tomatoes, cheese from dairy, etc. The students then did a worksheet learning more about where the food they eat comes from.

Following the worksheet, the students assembled mini hamburgers made from vanilla wafers, oreos, red frosting, and yellow frosting. The visit concluded with lots of questions from the students, and Michael Zecher reading a story to the students called “Who Grew My Soup.”

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