Illinois Livestock Industry Workshop

               The Mercer County Farm Bureau is holding an Illinois Livestock Industry Workshop on Thursday, August 2nd beginning at 10 a.m. at Doug’s Town and Country Restaurant in Aledo. The program is complimentary and will conclude with a pork chop sandwich lunch at noon. Please RSVP by Thursday, July 26th by calling (309) 582-5116 or emailing Space is limited to the first 50 members registered.

                At 10:00 A.M, Tasha Bunting, Illinois Farm Bureau’s Assistant Director of Commodities & Livestock Programs, will present ‘Looking ahead: Issues and Trends Impacting the Illinois Livestock Industry.’ During the presentation, Tasha will discuss trends impacting the Illinois Livestock Industry. The program will focus on consumer preference for increased transparency and animal care, including a discussion on the impact of alternative meat and milk production to traditional protein markets. Tasha will show how these trends are driving conversations to change livestock production practices for barns and facilities in Illinois, including proposals to modify the siting and permit process for the Livestock Management Facility Act and what that could mean for Illinois Livestock farmers.

                At 11:00 A.M, Lauren Lurkins, Illinois Farm Bureau’s Director of Natural and Environmental Resources, will present ‘Environmental Regulations for Livestock Farmers in Illinois.’ In this presentation, Lauren will provide an overview of Illinois EPA’s rules regarding livestock farms of all sizes, as well as, a description of the roles other agencies play in the regulation of livestock. She will also be available to answer any questions on recent issues, including CERCLA air emissions reporting and new efforts of environmental groups for further regulation in Illinois and around the country. At noon, a complimentary pork chop dinner will be served. Reservations are required by calling 582-5116 or emailing