Harvest Emergency Proclamation

Information on the Emergency Harvest Proclamation.

Please click here for a packet of information regarding FAQ's, the proclamation, and the OPER 993.You are required to carry both the proclamation and the OPER 993 with you on State Highways. You will also need to gain a permit. You can obtain a permit by visiting this website.

You don't need to obtain a permit to travel Mercer County Highways (more information can be found here).

You need to contact your township road commissioner about what is allowed on your township's roads.

More background information on the Emergency Harvest Proclamation:

Governor Bruce Rauner has declared a 45 day emergency harvest proclamation.

Illinois Emergency Harvest Permits can be obtained from 11/5/2017 through 12/19/2017 at no cost.

A separate permit must be obtained for each truck moving overweight agricultural commodities.

The Illinois Emergency Harvest Permit only permits travel on state routes.  It does not cover travel on Interstates or local routes. Before beginning each move, all state routes must be checked www.gettingaroundillinois.gov to verify that no route closures will be encountered and that no legal weight or posted ton structures are crossed. 

Just as with any other overweight permit, you go to the highway jurisdiction on whose roads you intend to operate. Where your route crosses several road jurisdictions, you’ll need several permits—one for each jurisdiction.

The issued permit, OPER 993 and the Governor's Emergency Harvest Proclamation 2017 must be carried in the overweight vehicle. (Form OPER 993 and The Emergency Proclamation are attached)

This statewide declaration has been made to allow a maximum of 10% above the standard weight limit. The 10 percent limit is the maximum a jurisdiction may offer. Any jurisdiction could also issue a permit for an overweight less than 10 percent above the standard limit.

The declaration states that the emergency harvest exists for the transportation of all agricultural commodities from the field to market or field to storage.  

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